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Defense Ministry interceded for military pilot Sergei Nefedov

Last week we talked about the history of the military pilot, senior lieutenant of naval aviation Sergei Nefedov. He was threatened with a punishment for his flight error, and most importantly - a long excommunication from the sky and flights.

Many experts in the field of flight safety and aviation medicine, as well as veterans of military aviation, first of all countrymen of Armavir, sounded the alarm. They considered unfair possible punishment.

About their position and wrote "MK", ​​based on the documents of the investigation. The correspondent wanted to tell the readers about the problem and, of course, help the senior lieutenant.

"MK" did not count on a quick and especially positive reaction to the article from the military. But the very next day after the publication of the publication from the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, we heard that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu filed a petition to the Chief Military Prosecutor Valery Petrov with a request to take personal control of the criminal case against the senior lieutenant. The appeal notes that “officer S.Nefedov is characterized by all commanders exclusively from the positive side and is certainly worthy of continuing to serve the Fatherland as a military pilot of naval aviation.”

Agree, this guarantee is worth a lot. It shows that the military department is not indifferent to the fate of military personnel.

Shortly after publication, the mother of the pilot, Olga Nikolaevna Nefedova, also called the editorial office. She told me that for many months she fought for a fair decision to be made regarding her son. Forces were running out. The case was delayed, and suddenly such news. “I am sincerely grateful to Sergey Kuzhugetovich for such a position. I really want my son to have a chance to continue his military service as a pilot for the benefit of our Motherland. I can not believe that the one and a half year old ordeals of our family can finally end! Fulfilling the highest duty to the Motherland, protecting it and protecting it, any soldier must be sure that, if necessary, he himself will be protected, ”said Olga Nikolayevna.

Why Russia “landed” a helicopter attack into Egypt: Russian motives

Today, national arms exhibitions hold practically all large states respecting themselves. And small too. For example, Bahrain or Abu Dhabi. But in almost 100 million Egypt, the tradition to hold arms fairs was not. Decided to fix the situation. From 3 to 5 December, the first International Military-Technical Forum EDEX-2018 will be held in Cairo. And Russia tried to make the most of the new exhibition platform to promote its weapons. Moreover, that very close, in Syria, all these weapons tested in combat conditions.

Defense Ministry to the Day of the Unknown Soldier declassified documents about the battles near Moscow

In Russia, December 3, is the Day of the Unknown Soldier. It was established as a tribute to the fallen defenders of the Fatherland. The grave of the Unknown Soldier appeared at the Kremlin wall on December 3, 1966. With military honors, the earth was buried in dust, taken from a mass grave located at the 40th kilometer of the Leningrad highway, near Zelenograd near Moscow. There in November-December 1941 there were bloody battles. It was not possible to establish whose ashes were buried. The Ministry of Defense has published a selection of unique documents from the Central Archive funds, telling about which units fought near the mass grave near the settlements of Kryukovo, Matushkino, Savelyk, Bolshie Rzhavki.

Military KVN could not resist the "Secret Weapon"

Military KVN celebrated the fifth anniversary of the enchanting finale of the 2018 season. The game was held in the Central Theater of the Russian Army. Spectators and the jury conquered the female secret weapon team from the Volsky branch of the Military Academy of Material and Technical Support. The girls borrowed the title from the headlines of Western newspapers, who called the parade column of female servicemen on Red Square “Putin’s secret weapon” and “army in miniskirts.” For an amazing game in the final, the team from Volsk won the cup of the Minister of Defense, and the captain of the team Daria Denisyuk - also the traditional special prize - Sergey Shoigu’s personal cap. The correspondent of "MK" watched the holiday of military humor.

NI described the newest Russian killer of US artillery

The American military magazine National Interest rated the latest Russian sound-warming artillery reconnaissance complex 1B75 Penicillin, which, according to the authors of the publication, is capable of becoming a new way to destroy American heavy artillery.