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NI described the newest Russian killer of US artillery

The American military magazine National Interest rated the latest Russian sound-warming artillery reconnaissance complex 1B75 Penicillin, which, according to the authors of the publication, is capable of becoming a new way to destroy American heavy artillery.

As noted by NI, in order to detect the noise, Penicillin uses four sound-thermal locators. The complex includes a large stabilization platform and an optical-electronic module on a lifting mast, as well as six conventional and six thermal imaging cameras.

The 1B75 is able to detect a target in five seconds within a radius of up to 25 km, which is less than the radius of action of the radar stations. However, radar stations often have difficulty detecting enemy shells with a weak signal, such as mortars. Also "Penicillin" is able to calculate in advance the location of the fall of the shells fired by the enemy. At the same time it is fully automated, which eliminates the human factor.

Finally, the advantage of the complex is the low probability of its detection by the enemy, since Penicillin does not use the electromagnetic waves that are familiar to the radar station.

Currently, the complex, presented in 2017, continues to be tested. The launch of mass production is scheduled for 2019.

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